50 Minutes of Anti-Stress, Aromatherapy, or Bali Massage + Foam Bath at Hamam + Spa + Pool at Lipsos Spa Cyprus Oscar is 159,90TL, Instead of 359TL!

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 Lipsos Spa Cyprus

Oscar Resort Hotel 16 Hasan Esat Işık Sok. P.K. 195 Girne
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0392 815 17 32 (475)

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  • If you have difficulties on getting up every morning and resist to wake up, leave aside your daily rush and enjoy a 5 star comfort at Lipsos Spa Cyprus!
  • Lipsos Spa Massage Options: Anti-Stress Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, or Bali Massage
  • Hamam culture, which is the relaxing method of Turkish society is offered to your with inclusive Lipsos Spa Cyprus service!
  • With massage, which is one of the easiest way of being and staying healthy, you will get rid of your back pains and exhaustion!
  • After a pleasant massage performed by experts, you will relax, purify and wriggle out of all your problems in Turkish bath with foam bath!
  • It is a great deal to remove your stress, troubles, body and soul exhaustion and even from your pains!
  • For comfort and serenity, do not miss this special deal of Lipsos Spa Cyprus and catch it now!
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  • For information or concerns you can contact Fırsat Kıbrıs on the following phone numbers: 444 37 78 (444 FRST), 227 51 35 or 0533 880 06 00 or you can contact us via e-mail address: [email protected]
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