One Night Stay With Breakfast and Dinner is For 70 TL (Per Person) at the Bellapais Bellapais Monastry Village (53% Off)

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 Bellapais Monastery Village

Bellapais Yolu Girne
Bellapais Girne


  • You can get rid of the stress of the week or you can have a romantic vacation at Bellapais Monastery Village!
  • Reward yourself with a small and pleasant vacation in comfortable and peaceful ambience of Bellapais Monastry Hotel!
  • Bellapais Monastery Village Dinner Options: Fish, Chicken, or Vegetarian.
  • You will make your day more beautiful with the delightful tastes of Bellapais Monastery Village prepared by talented cooks!
  • If you want to get rid of all the stresses, Bellapais Monastery Village is waiting for you and offering delicious yummy meals!
  • For enjoying and sharing a beautiful holiday with your loved one or your friends, the only thing you need to do is to catch today’s deal of Fırsat Kıbrıs and visit Bellapais Monastery Village!
  • To witness the unique view of Bellapais closer, do not miss this deal of Bellapais Monastery Village and catch it now!
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       How to Make Use of This Deal

  • This deal is valid for 1 month between 29 March 2013 and 29 April 2013.
  • You can purchase as many deal coupon as you want per person.
  • Drinks are not included on this deal.
  • Children under age of 12 are not allowed at Bellapais Monastery Village.
  • This deal cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount.
  • You can use your deal coupon at Bellapais Monastery Village by presenting your deal coupon or by stating your deal coupon’s code number.
  • Once the sales transaction is completed, your deal coupon will be sent to you via e-mail and will be sent to your phone number. You can also access it through ‘My Deals’ section on the website.
  • Reservation is required. Bellapais Monastery Village Telephone Number: 0392 815 91 71.
  • For information or concerns you can contact Fırsat Kıbrıs on the following phone numbers: 444 37 78 (444 FRST), 227 51 35 or 0533 880 06 00 or you can contact us via e-mail address: [email protected]
  • For any queries, you can read F.A.Q section on the website.


Do you want to escape from busy school and work days to elude a little?

Bellapais Monastery Village will fascinate you located at the foot of the Five Finger Mountain with panoramic views of Kyriena Town. The hotel is situated within walking distance of Bellapais Village and Abbey.

With this luxury hotel’s friendly, caring staff and understanding of quality service, you will not only walk away from daily hustle and bustle but also feel relieved.

With this one night holiday that Bellapais Monastery Village offers, you will have a day full of joy and you will have a chance to rest.

Information about Bellapais Monastery:

Bellapais Monastery is located on the east of Kyrenia, on the foot of Five Finger Mountains and on a deep cliff. This monastery is one of the best, unique examples of Gothic architecture of the Lusignan period. Also, Bellapais Village is as impressive as the monestary.

If you want to get away from the stress and have a small vacation you  deserve, do not miss this opportunity!