Today's Deal: Wonderful Holiday at Malpas Hotel Starting From 150TL!
  • 1 Night Accomodation For One Person + Dinner + Breakfast (Open Buffet) + Sauna + Turkish Bath + 40 Minutes Classical Massage is for 150TL Instead of 300TL!
  • 2 Night Accomodation For One Person + Dinner + Breakfast (Open Buffet ) Sauna + Turkish Bath + 40 Minutes Classical Massage) is for 240TL,Instead of 480TL!

Price: 150,00 TL
Original Price: 300,00 TL
50 %
You Save
150,00 TL

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  • A perfect opportunity is right in front of you!
  • A great holiday chance that you can relief from all the stress and tiredness! You can enjoy your holiday and rest!
  • With today’s deal of Fırsat Kıbrıs, you can achieve the peaceful and joyful holiday!
  • Malpas Hotel does not hesitate to give any service! Malpas Hotel is calling you and offering its elite and decent environment! It is a gorgeous chance to renew yourself!
  • Professional and customer satisfaction focused working concept, Malpas Hotel offer its quality difference for your beautiful holiday!
  • If you want a holiday, full of comfort and peace, do not miss out today’s deal of Fırsat Kıbrıs and live the difference of Malpas Hotel’s quality!
  • You can only benefit from this deal by purchasing the deal coupon from

       How to Make Use of This Deal

  • This deal is valid for only 14 August-28 August,2 September-9 September,15 September-19 September, 22 September-29 September 2013
  • You can purchase as many deal coupon as you want per person.
  • Spa is valid for only 1 day for two days accomadation.
  • At least two people must stay in the roon.
  • You should pay extra to stay one person in the room.
  • 0-6 years of age children are free. %50 discount for 7-12 years of age children.
  • This deal cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount.
  • Once the sales transaction is completed, your deal coupon will be sent to you via e-mail and will be sent to your phone number. You can also access it through ‘My Deals’ section on the website.
  • You can use your deal coupon at The Malpas Hotel by presenting your deal coupon or by stating your deal coupon’s code number.
  • You need to make a reservation. The Malpas Hotel Telephone Number is: 650 30 00.
  • For information or concerns you can contact Fırsat Kıbrıs on the following phone numbers: 444 37 78 (444 FRST), 227 51 35 or 0533 880 06 00 or you can contact us via e-mail address:
  • For any queries, you can read F.A.Q section on the website.
Wonderful Holiday at Malpas Hotel Starting From 150TL!

The Malpas Hotel and Casino is a five star luxury establishment offering the best in hospitality, service and accommodation.

Malpas Hotel is located on a hillside on the outskirts of Kyrenia in North Cyprus.

The hotel’s location cannot be beaten as it benefits from the dramatic backdrop of the Beshparmak Mountains and open view of the Mediterranean which gives a breathtaking visual experience.

You can drink and dine through the evening in a selection of our five star bars and restaurants throughout the evening and unwind around the impressive pool area by day while listening to a range of soft music as you soak up the famous Cypriot sunshine.

The Malpas Hotel is also proud to offer the best in live music throughout the week in each of the many bars that caters for almost any musical taste and a Spa and Wellness Centre which is unsurpassed for quality in North Cyprus.

The hotel is also proud to offer the best in live music throughout the week.

The Malpas Hotel’s stunning location and fabulous facilities will make you want to come back time and time again.

Do not miss out today’s deal of Fırsat Kıbrıs, catch it right now and enjoy your holiday at Malpas Hotel!


Malpas Spa&Fitness.
Malpas Hotel & Casino Cesur Sokak No:4 Çatalköy, Girne, Mersin 10, Turkey North Cyprus
-- Girne
650 30 00 -1355

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